TildeTilde is the online portfolio of Tilde Mattsson, a digital graphic designer and Hyper Island Digital Media graduate from Sweden who is currently looking for work.

If you are interested in my professional background, please review my LinkedIn CV, here in English and here in Swedish.

Tilde can be reached at hello@tildetilde.com. You can also follow me through my twitter.

ITT Water & Wastewater Icons
ITT Water & Wastewater Icons

Custom icons made for ITT Water & Wastewater to be used on their new Intranet.

xylem banners

xylectbanner banner

Banners made for Xylem.

I like the tallbarr

Tshirt design concept.

Myra Concept

Myra was my final project at Hyper Island. Together with a classmate, I came up with the concept of Myra. An online tool for people who wanted to monitor their carbon footprint and minimize their negative impact on the earth.

humormaffian Poster

Poster for the comedy act Humormaffian for their final show.

Norden i fokus

A print ad for Norden i Fokus.